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Privacy Screens | Tailored to your Specifications

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

StudioCraft makes Privacy Screens exactly as you want them to be.

While we are often known for the beautiful desks we build, we can also solve your Privacy Screen needs. We have standardized the process of custom fabrication, so we can efficiently deliver the exact screen solution you are looking for. StudioCraft’s custom solutions are provided at a competitive price point.

Simple & Clean

- Simple, Clean Lines - Tackable - Any Fabric (including COM) - Any Size - Available in Any Volume - Optional Metal Trim Finish - Easy Installation

The Way You Want Them

- Mitred corners are feasible. - Brackets can be made to allow for wall mounting or systems mounting for enhanced stability. - Floor mounted divider panels to match screens are available. - Acrylic, branded, or whiteboard screen options are all possible.

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