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Bluewater Studio is now a part of the StudioCraft Family

StudioCraft has had an entrepreneurial edge since it was founded in 1994 and is always searching for the best ways to deliver built applications and environments for its clients. In 2022, StudioCraft and Bluewater Studio leadership reached an exciting and strategic agreement to unite production expertise, talent, and operational assets including sales and marketing through the arrangement of acquiring Bluewater Studio. 


Through conversations and meetings with the Bluewater Studio leadership James Hungerford and Erich Zuern, it became apparent to StudioCraft Partners Jim Peterson and Paul Knust recognized that there was a strong synergy between the two companies. 


Both companies share a passion for pushing the limits of what is possible with built environments, and each has been built on the foundations of delivering excellence in quality and service in creative manufacturing, management, and leadership.


This strategic effort allows both StudioCraft and Bluewater Studio to increase production capacity and internal resources while maintaining our high-quality leadership, management, project solutions, and project execution for our clients and design partners.

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Bluewater Studio - a Leader in Creating Cultural Exhibitions and Branded Environments

Bluewater Studio maintains independence in its client-facing operations including Project Leadership/Management and management of Design, Content, and Media partners as much of their work is highly specialized. Bluewater Studio operates as a business unit out of the StudioCraft headquarters, under the leadership and guidance of seasoned industry professionals James Hungerford, Erich Zuern, and Jim Gould who have more than 30 years of knowledge and experience – including an exceptional industry reputation and a profound portfolio of work and committed relationships, partners and clients. 

To accommodate this growth, StudioCraft has expanded to nearly 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space to accommodate both StudioCraft’s and Bluewater Studio’s operational capabilities, team needs, and production/fabrication needs.


StudioCraft has also made additional investments into the tooling and equipment needed to uplift current and future growth and capacity for both Bluewater Studio and StudioCraft.

About Bluewater Studio

Offering clients and design partners more than 30 years of experience, Bluewater Studio provides a full range of essential services for creating and producing Environments & Exhibitions. Services include project planning, design-assist, and design-build partnerships, media & tech solutions, fabrication, and installation. 

To learn more about Bluewater Studio visit

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