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We pride ourselves on our efficient, collaborative design process that starts the moment you present us with a concept. We provide quick, to-scale renderings of your ideas free of charge and are more than willing to use our experience to help you ideate designs when necessary. From the very beginning, we create concepts that will receive your standard product on the interior of the desk.


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When a concept has been rendered to your liking, we send you a full set of approval drawings, open for your tweaks and adjustments before production begins. Dimensions, finishes, and visual representation of your standard product being incorporated into the interior of your solution are all included in this step.


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When drawings have been approved, our team of skilled craftsmen begin producing your desk. High quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship are staples of our architectural solutions. By using our signature CNC-cut rib construction method, we are able to seamlessly integrate your standard product on the interior of your custom architectural piece. Because your frames attach directly to the ribs, they need not connect to each other. This frees systems furniture from design constraints and makes curved solutions possible. 


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Designed from the outset with modularity in mind, our custom solutions are built to easily break down into ship-able sections. Our great relationship with multiple white-glove shipping services ensures that regardless of where you or your clients are located, your furniture solution arrives in perfect condition. 


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Our design and shipping methods facilitate a clean, no-mess installation of your finished product. Our craftsmen and account executives are available for travel to assist you with your install if desired. Well-versed in systems furniture, they are also able to help with attaching your standard product to the interior of the station. 


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The result is an uncompromising blend of form and function. Your architectural vision is achieved without sacrificing the function of your modular interior.