Glass Transaction Windows - Part of the Solution

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

StudioCraft is committed to making products that are part of the solution.

To best serve you we operate with a pro-active posture. We are an agile manufacturer with a talented team that seeks to deliver solutions that blend the best features of modular and millwork.

To avoid or minimize disruption we are maintaining operations by having team members work remotely if possible, and are adjusting our cleaning, spacing, and collaboration protocol for our production team.

Many solutions that we craft are installed in healing environments which are essential in our current context. Toward that end we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions such as these transaction windows that offer protection to caregivers as they interact with patients.

StudioCraft is committed to making products that are part of the solution.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you navigate the new normal.

Glass Divider Window

In partnership with a furniture dealer, StudioCraft modified a systems frame to create an application with panes of glass that allow for sound transmission and a pass-thru opening, while also creating separation between patient and caregiver.

Sliding Glass Window Tile

StudioCraft developed this sliding glass window application with a furniture dealer in order to provide a barrier between caregiver and patient.

The glass is retrofitted into a standard systems open tile and can be utilized in new applications or station refreshes.

At StudioCraft, our mission is to help you deliver furniture applications that blend the best features of modular furniture and millwork.

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