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St. Michael Medical Center

Nurse Station Applications and 
Cafe Tables & Benches

We Enable Innovative Design Thinking

The client and designer for this hospital located on the Olympic peninsula were pro-active in the design and programming of their new facility expansion. They wanted product that looked like millwork but maintained the modularity of systems furniture. The furniture dealer recognized that StudioCraft would be the perfect partner to help them deliver a winning solution for all involved.

The applications we collaboratively developed fit perfectly with the programming of the space and planned workflow. All of these items were built to seamlessly integrate with the modular components that will deliver an adaptable interface for years to come.

The specific items we built were:

  • End Caps for Modular System Stations that added durability and a refined aesthetic.

  • Locking Medical Supply Storage Islands that give high visibility and easy access to supplies.

  • Cart corrals built with chestnut laminate that coordinated with the finishes of the hospital.

The Project Manager at the dealer, Dalton, had this to say about working with StudioCraft:

“StudioCraft was great to work with, they are extremely responsive and our client
was very pleased with the fit and finish of the applications they delivered for us.”

We Deliver Quality


These Corian tables and benches had not been in our scope initially but as the client and designer gained a better understanding of the level of our work and saw firsthand our craftsmanship, they chose to take these from the scope of another vendor and add them to our contract. 

We built these tables around a robust steel frame, sheeted them with plywood, and attached the precisely milled the CNC components before buffing the durable Corian to a proper sheen. The end result are beautiful and durable tables and benches that give patients and staff beautiful snowcapped mountain views as they dine.


The Sales Rep on this project, Jeff, said this about his experience with StudioCraft:

"Your work, follow-up, quality of the product, expertise and responsiveness are amazing."


Most of our craftspeople have degrees in fine art and pay attention to the details. When you bring projects to us, what we deliver for you will be built by experienced craftspeople who care about delivering exceptional products.

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