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Gallery Panels | Set Your Space Apart With StudioCraft

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

StudioCraft partnered with the NBA to integrate their basketball court flooring into gallery panels for their offices.

As we all reimagine what work will look moving forward, StudioCraft is your resource to explore possibilities that could set your or your client’s space apart. We can deliver unique gallery panels with almost any material or finish imaginable - including tackable fabric and glass/acrylic screens.

Our shop is fully operational and ready to deliver the solutions that will help you win more projects.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can imagine and deliver the solutions that you and your clients are looking for.

StudioCraft painted the metal trim to match the color of basketball rims and added a black metal reveal strip to these hardwood gallery panels.

The panels attach to end runs of systems furniture and serve to both brand the space and add privacy and separation between stations.

We built these plywood panels with tree silhouettes for a different client to creatively define their space.

We would love to help you imagine how you could incorporate unique design elements into your facilities.

At StudioCraft, our mission is to help you deliver furniture applications that blend the best features of modular furniture and millwork.

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