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Custom + Modular | A Better Nurse Station

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Bring us your challenges; we will guide you to solutions.

We take great pride in being part of creating nurse stations that equip our healthcare heroes to deliver the best care possible. We love receiving unique requests and delivering exceptional solutions.

For this project, our client wanted us to deliver a beautiful nurse station that:

  • Would be capable of handling critical technology needs.

  • Could install with minimal downtime on an active floor.

  • Was to be constructed without using any wood.

See below for progress images of how our talented team made this happen.

We began by framing out the desk to fit the required floor plan. Each piece of the structure was custom formed to ensure proper fit.

The desk was built in sections, and clad in a material that held its shape and accepted the Acrovyn laminate.

The integration of systems frames made this desk desks highly functional and flexible. We can make modular frames match nearly any specified curve or architectural element.

Our craftsmen, proud of their work, were happy to show it off. We would love to work with you - bring us your challenges!

At StudioCraft our goal is to help you deliver furniture applications that blend the best features of modular furniture and millwork.

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