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Office – Costa Mesa

Modern workspaces

This desk was designed with the purpose of providing a clear and welcoming reception area, maintaining ADA accessibility and sight lines while also providing functional space for the team member to work. This desk was based on a furniture system to the power and data were easily managed; this gave it the ability to have rail tiles at the higher transaction area as well for accessories to be placed on. 


The design of the desk includes Corian worksurfaces and transaction tops which offer a clean, durable, and refined look at an approachable price point. The exterior features dark walnut cladding with 3form linear accents at the corners. 


The dealer promoted StudioCraft for this desk because we gave them the ability to provide their client with the complete solution – from the front desk to the private offices. 



The other two desks rendered above were showroom desks that this client used as well. The green accent is backlit 3form with walnut veneer and Corian transaction tops. 


The desk at top left has stainless steel accent bands around the outside, a laminate façade, and glass transaction tops that are held by UV adhesive to custom made brackets. 



Need a non-standard furniture solution? StudioCraft will meet you where you are in the design process—starting from sketches to full millwork plans. Whether you need a fully custom solution or one that’s office furniture based, we’ll help you create a design that supports your needs, improves efficiency, and creates an exceptional experience for all.



Working in our precision factory, our team of industrial designers, engineers, and expert craftspeople make custom applications that are just as easy to order as standard solutions.

With our modular approach, we create reusable furnishings with a consistent aesthetic across facilities. This allows your clients to better manage their assets and optimize their investment. 


Provide more furniture solutions for your clients and capture more of their floorplate as sales for your dealership with StudioCraft. Deliver the exact architectural and furniture solutions your dealers’ clients desire with StudioCraft’s custom multi-material fabrication capabilities.

reception_desk edited 1.2.jpg


We fabricate products precisely to design and assemble everything as part of our pre-build process. The result is an exceptional product backed by our impeccable service.

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