Healthcare Design 2019

At StudioCraft, we combine standard office furniture with custom millwork to help you solve tricky application requests. That means we fabricate to your exact specifications— any size or shape and from nearly any material.

Take a look through the gallery below to see images from our most recent show.


Seamless Standard Office Furniture Integration


To create adaptable designs with streamlined power and data, we integrate the infrastructure of systems furniture into reception desks, transaction tops, and tables.


Reception Desks

Create the perfect reception area with custom surrounds, surfaces, transaction tops, and screens in any material.


Office Desks and Tables

Your possibilities for creating unique desks and tables for individual workspaces, conference rooms, and community areas are nearly infinite with the variety of woods we offer. Choose from height-adjustable legs or fixed-height options.


Privacy Screens

Define workspaces, help people focus, and give them a place to share ideas or work in progress with our tackable or writable divider screens. Have your own screens? We have brackets to attach them.


Let’s Work Together


Have a design that requires curved Corian? We’ve got you covered. And we can do all of this with a level of efficiency and expertise that you won’t get from other manufacturers.