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StudioCraft developed footrails that can be attached to any modular furniture frames. These brackets attach similar to how cantilever brackets attached and are built from a robust gauge steel that allows them to perform in high traffic and high impact environments. These can be added to any existing station or integrated into the design of new station. We have provided these at many locations across the United States and Canada.



Need a non-standard furniture solution? StudioCraft will meet you where you are in the design process—starting from sketches to full millwork plans. Whether you need a fully custom solution or one that’s office furniture based, we’ll help you create a design that supports your needs, improves efficiency, and creates an exceptional experience for all.



Working in our precision factory, our team of industrial designers, engineers, and expert craftspeople make custom applications that are just as easy to order as standard solutions.

With our modular approach, we create reusable furnishings with a consistent aesthetic across facilities. This allows your clients to better manage their assets and optimize their investment. 

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