3form Accents

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Accent, Illuminate, Enhance

As a 3form OEM, StudioCraft offers smart, simple 3form solutions. With a wide variety of available colors, patterns, and opacities, 3form is perfect for recessed, backlit accents in reception desks. While this is one of our most popular implementations of the material, it is far from the only use for 3form. Other solutions include privacy dividers, decorative panels mounted on standoffs, and printed signage. The possibilities however, are endless. 

Solid Surface

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Corian, Quartz, Stone

We are experts in tailoring the right materials to your application. With years of experience both on our design team and within our shop, we have the experience to help you dream big and the craftsmanship to deliver your architectural visions. 

Create unique, branded environments by adding backlit logos or creating architectural elements in solid surface applications. Facilitate customer interaction and effortlessly elevate the appearance of your reception area with solid surface transaction tops and worksurfaces. Or create a focal point in your space with full-front solid surface fascia.

Custom Fascia


Custom And Modular

Our signature solution, custom fascia is an uncompromising blend of custom millwork and systems furniture. By designing your application with modularity in mind from the beginning, our CNC rib construction integrates your standard product on the interior of the desk while creating your desired architectural features on the exterior. Curves, 3form accents, down-lighting, solid surface tops; anything is possible with custom fascia, all while retaining the modularity of your standard product. 

Standard Product

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Skip the design phase - just point and place! Ranging from universally compatible products for reception stations and office spaces to more specialized applications designed specifically to enhance systems furniture, we've developed a spectrum of solutions for previous clients and organized them in a single resource for your convenience. 

Trade shoW


Point of Purchase

Our roots are in the trade show industry. With experience in point of purchase displays and printing graphics as well as set up, tear down, and shipping, we help you deliver custom solutions that are both functional and on brand. We also have the ability to transform your show room with custom accents, lighting, and displays. Contact us with your showroom needs for a quote.